83 Days

My husband and I met at a concert in Portland, Oregon. It was fate. It was khismet. It was destiny.It was whatever you want to call it, really.

The story of us meeting is a good one. It could be the beginning of a great romantic comedy, actually. I’m not going to tell you that story, yet. The story I will tell is the story of our wonderfully comfortable relationship together that lead to him gaining 100 lbs. and myself gaining 55 lbs. It’s been almost seven years of love together. And about 6-1/2 years of allowing our mutual love of indulgence getting the better of us.

In all of that time, we’ve never gone on a big trip together. In 83 days, we will be getting on a plane to Thailand, taking a much delayed honeymoon. Neither of us want to leave LAX at our current weights. It’s not realistic to lose all of the weight in 83 days, however. What we can do is make a strong start toward losing all of it.

That’s why I’m participating in DietBet, and also am at the forum 3 Fat Chicks. I have a lot of motivation, but need all of the support and reminders that I can get. I’m not just responsible for my own weight loss. I’m currently playing the role of housewife, and have put myself in charge of the nutrition for both myself and my husband.

My goal for the 83 days is ambitious. I plan to personally lose 36 pounds between now and then. I am currently at 200.8 and want to be at 164.8 or less when I step onto that plane. I hope that my husband, who is currently 323 can be at less than 300. If he can also be 36 pounds down, I know he’d be very happy with his progress.

I’m not going to use any weird supplements or weight loss shakes. I’m not going to starve myself or use diuretics or anything else gross and weird. I’m going to work hard, feed my husband and myself nutritious meals, and will stay focused. I will go from being OBESE to merely “overweight.” And I’ll improve from there.

83 Days

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