Mental Prep (Day 5 of 83)

I am so grateful for my current level of motivation. I worry a bit that I’ll slip up, though. I’ve lost weight fairly quickly since my husband and I started our new health push in prep for our upcoming Thailand trip (that’s happening on day 83!) and that’s been a great motivator to keep at it. On February 1st I was at a lifetime high weight of 205.3 pounds. I hated how that felt, so I’m more than thrilled to have dipped below the 200 line and into “onederland.”

I know my body, though. There will come a point in a couple of weeks where it’s going to fight me. My body will get all stubborn like a mule and try to hold on to every pound. That’s just how it goes with me!

So, the trick is to mentally prepare myself before that point. I need to recognize that 1) I’m only human 2) I don’t have to let my occasional slip ups snowball into a 5 pound gain 3) every roadblock can be overcome.

Mental Prep (Day 5 of 83)

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