Sticking to Making the Right Choices (Day 9 of 83)

Food is a big problem for me. It’s a big problem for my husband, too. When we first met each other, we were at the top of the healthy weight ranges for our ages and heights. We are built like Clydesdale horses, though, so that was fine. Only one month after moving in together, though, we went into the overweight range. We were celebrating a little too much with our shared love of craft beers, wine tasting events, treating ourselves with cheese and charcuterie… We were livin’ it up!

Or were we?

At the time, it felt amazing to spend the joyful time together celebrating abundance in our lives through rich foods. Unfortunately, we somehow fooled ourselves into thinking that having fun together meant binge drinking our favorite wines. We thought it had to involve eating lobster nachos, chicken liver pate…

It doesn’t. The truth is, I don’t need to have a drink in my system to smile, laugh and have great conversation with my man. I don’t need to have a Father’s Office burger in front of me to have a nice Sunday afternoon.

Since February 1st, I’ve been able to drop 10.9 pounds, even with a couple of drinks, a trip to Disneyland AND Valentine’s Day. My husband and I made the right choices AND had fun. I am proud of us. I know that we can carry this forward, not just through our journey of losing all of the extra pounds, but through the rest of our lives. When we have kids, we will show them through our example just how much fun you can have as a healthy person.

Sticking to Making the Right Choices (Day 9 of 83)

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