Keep Hikin’ Up That Hill (Day 10 of 83)

It’s ten days into my countdown to Thailand (WHEEEEEEEE!) and I’ve definitely made some good progress. I can tolerate two workouts a day now, whereas on day 1 my body was struggling to adjust to the lower caloric intake. I am finding that making healthy nutritional choices is a lot easier (because I simply don’t want to sabotage my workout the following day). In general, I have more pep in my step!


I’ve got a fairly lofty goal for where I want to be at physically by the time we leave LAX for BKK. I don’t know that I will do it, but I know that I can do it. I’ve got some swimsuits wish listed on the Nordstrom website (oooooooh! Fancy!) in anticipation of success.

What about in between victories, though? I hadn’t really thought through what trail markers that I want to use for my big trip up the hill of weight loss, so here it is. My list of non-scale victories that I look forward to:

  • Feel comfortable wearing a pair of shorts.
  • Waist: <32″ | Hips: <40″
  • Wear an actual swimsuit to the actual beach.
  • Waist: <30″ | Hips: <39″
  • Get up to Skull Rock at the top of the Temescal trail with less than 4 breaks to breath/drink water.

Let’s see if I can cross these off in the next couple of diet bets!

Keep Hikin’ Up That Hill (Day 10 of 83)

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