Getting Organized (Day 19 of 83)

I’m pretty sure that everyone heard about that study about messy kitchens leading to increased calorie consumption. I was inspired to get a little organizing and cleaning done yesterday, in order to assist with that feeling that dieters really need: to feel in control. I got a lot done! It’s not like my kitchen looks like something out of Sunset magazine or anything, but at least it feels less cluttered.

I got to thinking about my life and the relationship between my sense of control and my weight. Without doing a scientific study of it, I can safely say that the less in control that I feel (major bouts of depression, anxiety, huge stressors at school and work) the more that I gain.

I associate the happiest times of my life with when I was in better shape, but is it because that I was slimmer? Upon reflection, I think that was only maybe 25% or at best 33% of it.

Getting Organized (Day 19 of 83)

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