Getting Waisted (Day 20 of 83)

I am SO glad that I recently started tracking my measurements. I only started tracking them on the 12th of this month, but already I have seen such an improvement that I can hardly believe how much impact eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly can make in only a couple of weeks.

Image courtesy of Banana Republic. Don’t get mad at me BR.

For example, on 02/12 my waist was a whopping (for me, anyway) 36.5″ in circumference. EEEEEEE! I personally haven’t faced a number like that ever, so it came to me as quite a shock. I have not been starving myself, I have not been working out four hours a day… I just started eating whole foods while watching caloric intake. I still eat bread. I try to cardio workout between 6 and 8 times per week. Now, on 02/27, only a tad over two weeks later: my waist measures 34.5″. 


In the chart above, the first number under the size is bust, then waist, then hips. According to my measurements and Banana Republic’s reckoning, I’m an imperfect woman. I’m somewhere in between a 12 and a 16, when all of my numbers are taken into consideration. Hey, no woman is perfect, although I’m pretty sure that a certain Kardashian might insist otherwise!

I don’t love that I’m currently a very questionable size 14, but I do love that according to the numbers, I’m getting somewhere. Who knows if I’m three pounds or twelve pounds away from being a standard size 12? Everyone loses weight from different places. At least I’m on my way.

Getting Waisted (Day 20 of 83)

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