Let’s Get Lost – 4% Weight Loss Challenge (Day 21 of 83)

So, since I’m 33% of the way to my departure to Thailand (WHEE! I can’t wait for day 83!), I thought that I’d like to put a little challenge to myself in order to keep my momentum and focus strong. I participate in DietBet, and am just at the end of my first challenge. If you’re not familiar, DietBet is like, the best idea ever. Basically, you bet against yourself as to whether or not you can lose 4% of your bodyweight in 28 days. That’s a 1% loss per week, which is totally reasonable. For a 150 lb. person, that would be 1.5 pounds/week. Doable, right? Totally doable.

I just crushed my first challenge and one of the reasons why is because I had this nagging voice in my head that was like: “Trixie. Do you really want to lose the $30 you threw down three weeks ago over a sugary margarita?”.

In my mind, the voice was Chris Evans, but that’s neither here nor there.

Original image courtesy of Robert S. Donovan on Flickr.

Anyway, starting today, I’m going to challenge myself to lose 4% of my bodyweight by Easter. With a starting weight of 192 lbs., I’ll need to lose about 7.7 lbs. (rounding up) to meet my goal. That’s a weigh in goal of 184.3 lbs. by Easter. I WILL DO THIS. Just watch me.

Let’s Get Lost – 4% Weight Loss Challenge (Day 21 of 83)

Getting Waisted (Day 20 of 83)

I am SO glad that I recently started tracking my measurements. I only started tracking them on the 12th of this month, but already I have seen such an improvement that I can hardly believe how much impact eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly can make in only a couple of weeks.

Image courtesy of Banana Republic. Don’t get mad at me BR.

For example, on 02/12 my waist was a whopping (for me, anyway) 36.5″ in circumference. EEEEEEE! I personally haven’t faced a number like that ever, so it came to me as quite a shock. I have not been starving myself, I have not been working out four hours a day… I just started eating whole foods while watching caloric intake. I still eat bread. I try to cardio workout between 6 and 8 times per week. Now, on 02/27, only a tad over two weeks later: my waist measures 34.5″. 


In the chart above, the first number under the size is bust, then waist, then hips. According to my measurements and Banana Republic’s reckoning, I’m an imperfect woman. I’m somewhere in between a 12 and a 16, when all of my numbers are taken into consideration. Hey, no woman is perfect, although I’m pretty sure that a certain Kardashian might insist otherwise!

I don’t love that I’m currently a very questionable size 14, but I do love that according to the numbers, I’m getting somewhere. Who knows if I’m three pounds or twelve pounds away from being a standard size 12? Everyone loses weight from different places. At least I’m on my way.

Getting Waisted (Day 20 of 83)

Getting Organized (Day 19 of 83)

I’m pretty sure that everyone heard about that study about messy kitchens leading to increased calorie consumption. I was inspired to get a little organizing and cleaning done yesterday, in order to assist with that feeling that dieters really need: to feel in control. I got a lot done! It’s not like my kitchen looks like something out of Sunset magazine or anything, but at least it feels less cluttered.

I got to thinking about my life and the relationship between my sense of control and my weight. Without doing a scientific study of it, I can safely say that the less in control that I feel (major bouts of depression, anxiety, huge stressors at school and work) the more that I gain.

I associate the happiest times of my life with when I was in better shape, but is it because that I was slimmer? Upon reflection, I think that was only maybe 25% or at best 33% of it.

Getting Organized (Day 19 of 83)

Four Weeks of Sweatin’ Hard (Day 17 of 83)

Things that I’ve learned from going up the same tough trail once a week for the past four weeks:

Stamina can improve really quickly. The first week that I went up this trail, which climbs about 800 feet in 0.9 miles of nearly nonstop ascent, I had to stop more than seven times. Truth be told, I lost count. I was in a flop sweat a by the time that I got to the top and my leg felt wobbly. Phew! It was tough. Yesterday, I ascended the trail the fastest that I ever have! I only had to stop four times and felt great when I got to the top.

Food is fuel. It is SUPER important what I eat and when I eat it in relation to doing such a tough workout like this hike. I had a super delicious smoothie for breakfast within an hour of getting up and ate cottage cheese and a mango as a post-rowing snack (yes! I even had enough energy to do my hike after a 20 minute erg machine workout) and was good to go about 90 minutes later for my hike.

Hydration is essential. This should have been so obvious to me on the first hike. I mean, it used to be that I didn’t drink a ton of water, so I would have had coffee and maybe a glass of agua before attempting the hike. Today, I drank two quarts of water before attempting my hike. Boom fist!

Don’t forget that when you hike, even in the city, you’re going to nature. Yesterday, I had my first encounter with an aggressive rattlesnake. You read that right. You should’ve seen me running like a crazy person down that trail when I heard that snake’s unforgettable and utterly threatening rattle less than two feet from my left foot. OMG, I just about lost my mind! I cursed dirtier than a ship of drunken sailors who haven’t taken a bath in a year, too.



Here’s a shaky video of the view from the top!

Four Weeks of Sweatin’ Hard (Day 17 of 83)

Big Slippin’ Up (Day 16 of 83)

I committed to losing weight on February 1st. Since then, I experienced nonstop, steady weight loss and was more than bolstered by it. I felt vindicated, you know?

So, I figured that a weekend off wouldn’t do me any harm. I thought that maybe I would gain a pound and be right back on track. I’m not talking about a few cheats. I’m talking about two straight up “anything goes” cheat days. Nonetheless, what harm could I do in just two days!? Quite a bit, actually.


I gained almost three pounds. Maybe a little bit of that is sodium-fueled water retention, but it’s two days later and my weight has not budged an ounce.

I know that I need to keep my head on straight. I’ve been fortunate to have such a good start to my weight loss, but not everyone is blessed to get such immediate feedback even though they work their asses off. So, yeah. I am basically experiencing my first setback and I need to stay focused.

I may not win my first diet bet because of the choices I made over the weekend, but I can’t let those mistakes bring me down. Now I know how mega-cheating affects me mentally and physically. The next time that I cheat, it’s going to be a healthy cheat. Rather than doing the whole nine yards of sugary alcoholic beverages, lobster nachos, a sundae (!)… I’m going to make a clean paleo style dessert. Or, I’ll have a couple of glasses of wine. I can still have fun, but I need to remember that my body no longer wants and can’t really handle me being bad.

I still have seven days until I MUST submit my weight to diet bet. Six days, to be real. I mean, if you submit 10 minutes late, you’ve lost. If one of my pounds really is just sodium weight that could flush away, I can still win this. If not, the odds are a bit lower… BUT THAT’S OKAY.

I’m going to do my best. I’m going to learn from my mistakes. I’m gonna kick some a**.

Big Slippin’ Up (Day 16 of 83)

Non-Scale Goals, Revised (Day 12 of 83)

A couple of posts back I came up with a list of non-scale victory goals. I was caused to reflect a bit this morning while I watched an episode of Extreme Weight Loss (Chris Powell!). Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece showed up to mentor a woman going through a big weight loss in her goal to get back into surfing. Like, OMG. If Laird Hamilton were to mentor me with his super-amazing-Olympic-wonder-wife Gabrielle Reece… I’d probably pee myself with excitement in the ocean!

Anyway, the lady who was working on her weight loss said to Laird something about having injuries and how they totally caused her to gain a TON of weight. And Laird was like (paraphrasing), “Yeah, I’ve broken so many bones, but I got back on that surf board. It’s how you deal with injuries that makes you blah blah blah.”

As I said, I was paraphrasing, okay?

It just so happens that I’ve always wanted to learn to surf. I live less than 2 miles from Venice Beach. I experienced an ankle injury recently which I blamed for myself gaining 20 pounds (not exactly true).

My previous NSV goals:

  • Feel comfortable wearing a pair of shorts.
  • Waist: <32″ | Hips: <40″
  • Wear an actual swimsuit to the actual beach.
  • Waist: <30″ | Hips: <39″
  • Get up to Skull Rock at the top of the Temescal trail with less than four breathing/water breaks.

Revised NSV goals:

  • Take at least one private swim lesson to get back into the swing of things.
  • Get up to Skull Rock at the top of the Temescal trail with less than four breaks.
  • Take first surfing lesson by beginning of summer.

Back to what Laird said (damn, he’s good looking! he should be in the new Point Break movie. not those lame kiddos): IT’S HOW I DEAL WITH THE INJURIES. I’ve been dealt some seemingly bad cards, but that doesn’t mean that I have to fold. If I treat myself like an athlete and know my limitations and work hard within them, the comfort wearing shorts and smaller waist/hips… That’ll happen.


Photo courtesy of Neerav Bhatt on Flickr.

Non-Scale Goals, Revised (Day 12 of 83)

Preppin’ Food Ain’t No Joke (Day 11 of 83)

Menu planning. Meal prepping. Cooking.

Menu planning. Meal prepping. Cooking.

Menu planning… It just seems to go on and on.

File Feb 18, 7 01 02 AM

It takes quite a bit of effort to get all three meals in order, day after day. See those salads in jars in the fridge? I made those last night at like, 9pm. I’m proud of myself for doing it, even though I had been busy all day long and just wanted to snuggle a little longer on the couch with my husband. And heck – I’m sure that I could have planned out my week a little better so that I could have avoided assembling salads so late. Actually, I know that I could have.

It’s hard to let go of years of habit. My habit was to say that I was going to make lunches for the next day and then weasel out of doing it. I would then have to buy lunch out which is not only expensive, but also meant that I was eating as many calories in one meal as I should have for the whole day. Day after day, that really added up. And here I am now with a BMI of obese-point-three and size 14 pants which “shrunk in the wash.”

I love the new contents of my overstuffed fridge (does anyone want to buy me a second fridge!?). I love tasting healthier, home cooked meals. I love eating with my husband at the actual dinner table, rather than on the couch.

It’s worth it, all of the effort that it takes. I’ll get used to it, I’ll build up a more efficient routine… it will become easier.

Preppin’ Food Ain’t No Joke (Day 11 of 83)